TL Advanced Light Tightening Neck Cream


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TL Advanced Light Tightening Neck Cream

About This Product
Firm believers of neck skincare as necessity, StriVectin urges consumers to take the neck step with a customised solution for her needs. With the same benefits as the original TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream, the new light version fights the visible effects of gravity and improves elasticity and resiliency allowing skin on the neck to bounce back more easily with each repeated motion. Formulated with breakthrough Gravitite-CF Lifting Complex™, this neck cream is clinically proven to diminish the appearance of horizontal lines around the neck, while visibly tightening, lifting and firming the look of the neck and profile for a more sculpted silhouette. With patented NIA-114™ technology at its core, the lightweight, breathable formulation quickly absorbs to deliver lasting moisture for softer, suppler skin. - Delivers immediate tightening and lifting benefits to skin.i/i - Reinvigorates skin surface for optimal performance.i/i - Intensifies the efficacy of other ingredients, strengthening and nourishing the moisture barrier.i/i - Reduces appearance of wrinkles and skin roughness.i/i - Supports skin's natural elastin and minimises the visible effects of gravity on the skin due to natural ageing and environmental aggressors for a more pronounced and visible lift. Product code: 810907024210
Apply to clean skin on neck and jawline in the AM and PM. Gently massage into skin with an upward motion.
Invented by scientists during 35 years of research, StriVectin’s proprietary NIA-114 technology is scientifically proven to reinvigorate skin surface for optimal performance, strengthen and nourish the moisture barrier, inhibit the impact of environmental aggressors and intensify the efficacy of other ingredients. StriVectin products are developed under the most rigorous standards that combine cutting-edge ingredients at proven, efficacious levels with the breakthrough NIA-114 technology to boost the results of every formula for visible, age-fighting benefits.
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