Tea Cups Candle Set: Tuberose


Tea Cups Candle Set: Tuberose

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Husband and wife team Clara and John Molloy founded fragrance brand MEMO almost a decade ago, having exploredthe world over, heaving bags of inspiration along the way. With that in mind, the Molloys produced a collection of scents based on the cities they have visited and loved, including Russia, Morocco, Ireland, Ibiza and Spain, amongst others. Each unique fragrance evokes a different memory, making itideal for those who want to carry the world on their shoulders –or in this case, their pulse points.

Gaze skyward, the desert is forgotten. Mystery, infinity hidden from view, silence beneath the cacti. A slow-motion Western. The Milky Way leaves an azure trail. Still the wind, stir the dust from tuberose.

Contents: 2 scented candles in Bone China tea cups

Ingredients: Tuberose from Marfa

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