Orange Blossom Flower Hourglass Diffuser 2.0, 75ml


Orange Blossom Flower Hourglass Diffuser 2.0, 75ml

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The diptyque story began in Paris at 34 boulevard Saint-Germain with, at its heart, three friends driven by the same creative passion. Christiane Gautrot was an interior designer, Desmond Knox-Leet, a painter, and Yves Coueslant, a theater director and set designer. The first two collaborated designing fabrics and wallpaper for Liberty and Sanderson. They were joined by the third in 1961 and opened a shop to display their designs. Yves became the administrator and consultant; Desmond and Christiane were the artistic soul. Bit by bit, with finely honed taste, the trio transformed the site into a one-of-a-kind setting, a kind of stylish bazaar where one found surprising articles unmatched in Paris, mined and conveyed home by the trio over the course of their travels.

A chic alternative to the traditional candle, the new hourglass diffuser from diptyque reinvents the world of perfumery and innovation. Requiring no heat or energy, the fragrance takes 20 minutes to flow through the object in a soothing, hypnotic fashion. Subtle and floral, the scent evokes the freshness of the Mediterranean and reawakens olfactory memories of childhood as it releases immediately and enchants a room of up to 20 square metres. Simply turn over to begin a new diffusion cycle, which lasts approximately one hour, and enjoy a delightful sensory experience: the diptyque hour. - Perfect in a pet-friendly environment. - Ideal for scenting small spaces over a period of several months until the fragrance evaporates entirely.
Remove the cap from the refill container. Assemble the two glass sections. The bottle containing the fragrance should be at the lower section of the hourglass diffuser. The empty section equipped with the diffusion system screws onto the refill containing the fragrance. Screw tight. Turn the hourglass over to begin the diffusion cycle. During the cycle, do not disturb the process by turning over the object. We also strongly advise against placing the hourglass directly on surface fragments such as wood, old paintings and marble. Place it on a flat surface to ensure perfect air circulation.
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