Artist Brush Pouch Set


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Artist Brush Pouch Set

About This Product
  1. Vegan friendly
  2. Cruelty-free
  3. Paraben & Gluten-Free

19 Artist Brushes included:

  • Artist Brush Contour
  • Artist Brush Hair Line
  • Artist Brush Powder
  • Artist Brush Blush
  • Artist Brush Highlight
  • Artist Brush Foundation
  • Artist Brush Concealer (L)
  • Artist Brush Concealer (M)
  • Artist Brush Concealer (S)
  • Artist Brush Nose Contour
  • Artist Brush Eye Shadow (L)
  • Artist Brush Eye Shadow (M)
  • Artist Brush Eye Shadow (S)
  • Artist Brush Eye Shadow Point
  • Artist Brush Eye Shadow Smudge
  • Artist Brush Eyeliner
  • Artist Brush Brow Edge
  • Artist Brush Brow Round
  • Artist Brush Lip

Brush Pouch:
A mesh and transparent pockets allows for additional storage of cotton balls, eyelash curler, eyebrow razor, etc. A large handle on the side also makes the case convenient to carry around.

Jung Saem Mool, Korea's renowned makeup artist has created high performance makeup and skincare that gives even a makeup newbie a flawless finish. Each item is designed to help discover your own beauty through real art techniques that is not swayed by trends. With products that help inspire self-expression, and creativity with uncompromising pigments and colors, JSM has become known for innovating beauty to the next level.

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