Founder Poppy King failed to find her idea of a perfect lipstick in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia, and later decided to create her own range of lippies.

20 years on, Poppy’s passion for lipsticks is as vibrant and strong as her signature scarlet red lips. For her, nothing is as glamorous or as empowering as a lipstick: It boosts every woman’s confidence, making her feel she could take on the world.

In Poppy’s world, there is a lipstick for every mood, every occasion and every outfit. Lipstick Queen is the result of a lifetime devoted to finding that perfect rouge

  1. Saint - Mauve
    LIPSTICK QUEEN Saint - Mauve
  2. LipstickQueen Medival
    LIPSTICK QUEEN Medieval Lipstick
  3. LipstickQueen JeanQueen
    LIPSTICK QUEEN Jean Queen Lipstick
  4. LipstickQueen FrogPrince CreamBlush
    LIPSTICK QUEEN Frog Prince Blush