The son of a Parisian aristocrat, Albert Fouquet was a perfume connoisseur who perfected various essences forhis personal use, aided by Philippe, the family butler. One night during a summer vacay on the French Riviera, Albert met and got on very well with a young American who was touring France in a convertible. His name? John F. Kennedy. Within hours, John managed to persuade Albert to leave him vials of the cologne he caught a whiffoff Albert when they first met. John later requested for Albert to send him eight samplesof the essence he fell in love with, some of which were sent to Hollywood directors, producers and actors due to John’s father relationships with well-known stars. Unfortunately, Albert passed on in an automobile accident near Biarritz, France and the start of World War II meantPhilippe had to hide to bottles inside books he carefully cut by hand to prevent the Nazis from seizing them. Decades later, thanks to the family of Philippe the butler,the formula for Eight & Bob has been completely recovered, becoming one of the most exclusive colognes preferred by men the world over.