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White Forest Scented Candle, 150g

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White Forest Scented Candle, 150g

About This Product

White Forest is inspired by the mysterious birch [björk] forests up in the far north of Sweden - a sensual and melodramatic scent of wood and fresh air including birch and pine.

This limited edition candle is hand poured in a recycled glass jar with lid. 40 hour burn time. Packaging is made of recyclable materials and a container which we encourage to reuse when empty. Made from 100% natural and vegan wax. For best experience, keep candle wick trimmed and burn for 1 hour for the first time, followed by a maximum of 4 hours burn at each time for an even burn.


Björk & Berries began as a small project in northern Sweden with the desire to bottle the experience of our nature – its beauty, scents and healing properties. We took to the woods to handpick leaves and berries to capture the essence of Swedish flora in our first natural perfume and with that, set the foundation for what Björk & Berries is today.

Björk, the Swedish word for Birch, also known as the life giving tree, soon became one of our signature ingredients. The tree symbolises our mission to create clean, natural and organic skin care and fragrances, inspired by the volatile seasons and uniqueness of the Swedish nature.

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